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How Do I Sell My House?

Receive a FREE and FAIR cash offer from a qualified local investor. Find out how below!

Our 3-Step Simple Selling Process…

step 1 how do i sell my house fast for cash

Tell us about your property by filling in the form below or calling us at (210) 209 9558‪. It is important for us to better understand your property so that we can provide you with a range of potential cash offers.

step 2 how do i sell my house fast for cash

Depending on your market, we will connect you with a local cash buyer who specializes in it. As soon as you approve our offer range, we will schedule a walk-through to estimate repair costs. Within 24 hours, we will call you with our no obligation cash offer

step 3 how do i sell my house fast for cash
We set a closing date that aligns with your home selling timeline and you receive cash for your house!

Selling Your House "Top Cash Offer In USA"

What info will you need from me?

We can help you sell your house quickly if you help us gather some basic information about it.

  • Timeline to sell your property
  • Current condition of the property
  • Rooms that were renovated (if any)
  • Your ultimate goal with the property
  • How long you’ve owned the property
  • The reason for wanting to sell
This information will help us figure out how we can provide the best solution for you (potentially beyond the typical cash offer).

Do I get cash offer right away on the phone?

No… We do not give our exact cash offer during the initial phone call, but we will give you an initial offer range.

Why Not? Other “We Buy Houses” Companies Make Offers Right Away On The Phone…

A company like this will offer you an inflated price to entice you to sign a legally binding contract. They will then use an “inspection report” to come back and ask for a price reduction.

Despite what you might expect, this is a tactic used by many buyers in every market. This is why cash home buyers have a bad reputation, and we can’t stand it.

How do I know you’re not going to lowball me?

If we made lowball offers, we would not be in business. These aren’t the games we play.

In order to outperform our competitors, it is in our best interest to make you the best cash offer we can.

Our entire business is based on buying houses across the country.

If we can’t make fair offers, then we can’t buy houses.
Top Cash Offer In USA

Working With "Top Cash Offer In USA" Means Finding The Best Fit For Your Home Sale

In the case that the value you are looking for your home falls outside of our offer range, we can discuss some alternatives that may be a better fit for you than a cash offer. Our goal is to help you whether you work with us or another company better suited to your needs.

How Our Cash Offer is Calculated…


After Repair Value (ARV): This is the market value of your home after we buy and renovate your house.
Cost Of Repairs: This is what we estimate it will cost to update your house to current market conditions, and it’s what you are saving (in addition to your time).
Our Selling Costs: This is an estimate of the cost of selling commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, insurance (title and property and escrow fees.) It’s typically around 10% of the ARV.
Return On Investment (ROI): This is how we pay our contractors and keep the business running. If we didn’t return some level of profit, we wouldn’t be a great business!

“I Don’t Like Formulas. Can You Break This Down For Me?”

The market value of your home (after we update it) minus the costs to repair it and our profit equals your offer.

Want To Know What Your Numbers Are?

Simply fill out the short form, and we will get in touch to discuss your property and give you an offer.

Why Sell To You Instead Of Listing With A Realtor?

Regardless of the market, consider ALL your options (check out our blog for ideas) to see what will best help you reach your home selling goals.

In spite of getting higher “top line” sales price listings with a local agent, that doesn’t always translate into more money in your pocket after subtracting commissions and closing costs… not to mention time and stress.

Let’s compare selling your house to Top Cash Offer In USA vs. with a local real estate agent… 

Selling To "Top Cash Offer In USA"

Selling With A Real Estate Agent

Still have questions? Please visit our frequently asked questions page or give us a call or text to find out more at (210) 209-9558. We are happy to chat with you before you submit your property information. 🙂

Our Clients Had Great Experiences With Us!

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…And We Think You Will, Too! 🙂

We Are Cash Home Buyers!

Top Cash Offer In USA value honesty, integrity and transparency. We eliminate all of the drawbacks that come with selling your house the traditional way. Top Cash Offer In USA do not rely on lender financing– we have our own cash. We buy as-is and close on your timeline. Unlike agents, we do not charge commission or fees. If you need to sell your house fast for cash anywhere in the country, we truly believe we are a great option! We are ready to buy your house right now, and it all starts by filling in our form.

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