How to Get a Mortgage Loan Quickly and Easily

Buying a house through a mortgage is not a tricky business. If you have the right leads and the right expertise to guide you, you can get a well-priced house in a short period. Let us first understand what is the mortgage and if it suits your needs.

A mortgage is a binding contract between two parties, the buyer and the seller. You play the role of a borrower who takes a loan for a time period and agrees to pay back that loan with added interest. That means you do not have to pay in upfront cash at the time of purchases. You can break up the total amount and pay in installments instead.

The installments are split into equal amounts that buyers must pay in the agreed time frame. The property or house bought acts as the guarantee that the borrower will pay back their loan. Mortgage applications serve as a strict binding contract and undergo many checks before reaching the final stage. One can opt for many types of mortgages, which are further discussed below.

Types of Mortgages for Buyers

There are several types of mortgage programs to make things easy for a buyer in terms of obtaining a loan. Many mortgage programs start from as low as five years and go up to 40 years of payments. The interest rate also increases every year as you pay your mortgage back. You can read about the types of mortgage options and choose the one that suits your requirements and the amount of money you can invest as a downpayment. Whichever option you choose, ensure you’re working with a trustable party to avoid loan flipping scams.

what is the mortgage

Conventional Mortgage

There are several types of mortgage programs to make things easy for a buyer in terms of obtaining a loan. Many mortgage programs start from as low as five years and go up to 40 years of payments. The interest rate also increases every year as you pay your mortgage back. You can read about the types of mortgage options and choose the one that suits your requirements and the amount of money you can invest as a downpayment.

How to find Buyers for Wholesaling Real Estate?

The governing body of your area must support this type of loan. A conventional mortgage is further divided into two subtypes that are discussed below.

Conforming loans sets fixed standards for a mortgage. That means you cannot increase the limits on the credits of your house or the loan size. For being approved for this type of loan in 2023, you will need to fall within the given range of credit requirements and put a sufficient downpayment.

On the other hand, non-conforming loans do not have any rules or regulations in terms of the loan size, credit, or debit. This type of loan caters to people faced with serious financial issues such as bankruptcy.

Overall, the loan cost of this type tends to be higher than other mortgage programs. The down payment also tends to be higher compared to government mortgage programs due to high risk. The mortgage program will also require a rigorous background check to verify everything the buyer owns and earns.

Jumbo Loan

The jumbo loan gives you some context of its nature just by the name. This type of loan does not adhere to any standard limits. These loans are very popular in states where home prices are high. Jumbo loans allow you to mortgage a higher-priced house and derive a plan to buy it. However, the down payment must be 10 to 20 percent minimum and must follow in-depth documentation of the buyer

Government Insurance Loans

The government of the U.S. doesn’t have a proper program that provides loans, but some states do offer programs that help U.S. citizens mortgage houses and become homeowners. There are three categories of loan types offered by the government. These loan types are further discussed below.

FHA loans require no large-sized down payment. Borrowers must pass all the documentation stages and put down a 3.5% down payment.

The USDA loans assist moderate-earning borrowers in buying homes in the suburbs. These loans typically do not require a down payment, making it easy for people to become homeowners.

Lastly, VA loans help borrowers buy a home through flexible and low-interest programs. These loans are typically offered to U.S. military members.


Fixed-Rate Mortgage

A fixed-rate mortgage is a great option to avoid high interest. The interest rate stays uniform throughout your mortgage program. The total loan will be fixed whether you have a 15-year mortgage program or a 30 years one. However, the interest rates are generally greater than adjustable-rate mortgages. If you plan to mortgage a house for about over ten years and would like to avoid the surging interest rates, this type of mortgage will suit you best.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

An adjustable-rate mortgage, abbreviated as ARM, has varying interest percentages. These interest rates depend on the market conditions and hike up if the market prices increase or the market goes down. ARMs need to be well-thought-out. The prices for the first seven years might not increase, but you should look to see how the real estate interest rates are broadcasted well into the future.

The interest rate for the first few years will usually stay the same, although this is never guaranteed due to market fluctuations.

How long does it take to get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Loan?

Getting approved before applying for a mortgage is one of the prerequisite steps in the mortgaging process. Once you get pre-approved, sellers will easily approach you.

It takes about ten business days to get pre-approved for a house mortgage. If you have all the documents and requirements, getting pre-approved may be quicker than that. However, if you do not clear the security checks or your documents are incomplete, it might take longer to get pre-approved.

However, if you, as the buyer, have any debts to pay off, the process may take longer. Furthermore, if your debt-to-income ratio is high, you may not get approved.

Take a closer look at your bank statement and set up an emergency fund to show that you are financially responsible. Having a down payment ready will also help you get approved quicker.

It is important that you remain honest about your financial situation throughout the mortgage process in order for things to progress smoothly. Sliding things under the carpet will only make matters worse in the long run.

What is a Mortgage Broker?

Suppose you decide on a house and you have narrowed down one option to go ahead with. The next thing to do is contact a mortgage broker and set out on your home-buying journey. Mortgage brokers are the link between buyers and sellers. In plain language, these brokers connect borrowers with mortgage lenders.

What is a Mortgage Broker

A broker can help you meet all the specific requirements for buying a house and meet all your specific needs. Brokers have years of experience working with all the different loans you can get for your house. They have higher access to more lenders, from real estate agents to personal sellers, so searching for a mortgage option with them will help you save time and energy.

What is the monthly payment on a Mortgage?

You can get mortgages on houses for every price. It depends on the loan type you choose and where the house is located. For example, if the mortgage price is $500,000, how much will you have to mortgage?

Let’s assume you made a 20% down payment. This amount will come upto $100,000. Your mortgage amount will then equal $400,000. So, if you have a 30-year mortgage plan with a fixed rate of 3.5% interest, you will be paying around $2000 monthly.

Bear in mind that this is just a rough picture, and the exact prices and monthly mortgage payments will vary from case to case. It also depends on your mortgage type, the length of the mortgage, and the interest rate.

Common Questions Asked by Mortgage Buyers

Some of the common questions asked by mortgage buyers are answered below.

Can a loan not be given after reaching closing?

A loan can be denied even at closing. Though this is a very rare thing, it is not entirely impossible. Try to avoid alterations to your finances during the mortgage period until the closing. If any new property or assets are disclosed, this can also be a threat. Read through all the guidelines thoroughly and work with your broker or lender honestly so that the process can be finished smoothly.

What is Mortgage Balance?

In technical terms, the mortgage balance is the whole amount the buyer owes at all times during the mortgage period. This balance is the sum of the remaining value after making the down payment plus the interest. The balance is calculated through equity. The total balance is deducted from the house’s value in the real estate market.

What is the MBA?

MBA stands for Mortgage Bankers Association. The association is a group of representations for the real estate industry that help buyers. The organization is a non-profit with headquarters in Washington D.C. They work closely with lenders around the U.S. to help regulate loans and determine rules for mortgages under a close watch.

Final Words

A mortgage can be the trickiest part of obtaining the house of your dreams. The process can take up to months, but you can understand what a mortgage is and find the loan type that suits you the most with the right brokers or lenders.