Can I Sell My Share of Property Inheritance? A Complete Guide

If you’re having the question in your mind that how can I sell my inherited property, this article will provide you a complete guide. You should know that selling inherited property may not be as hard as you think. Follow this guide to get further insight.

What is Considered Inherited Property?

Inherited property is the property you gain after someone bequeaths it to you, or you gain it legally after losing a family member. Whatever the circumstances may be, that property is now yours to take care of. However, properties now come with a lot of burdens. There are issues around fulfilling tax requirements and the constant care the property will require.

Converting the property into money can be a complicated and lengthy process. A lot of factors have to be taken under consideration. Moreover, the laws regarding selling inherited property differ in each state, which requires more consideration before making the final sale.

There are a couple of things that you have to go through before considering a final sale. Getting in touch with a financial advisor or real estate agent can save you time and resources.

Probate Process

Any inherited property has some laws and regulations that are governed by the area’s state. If the deceased leaves a will, the law dictates the proper procedure for completing the inheritance process. The probate process protects the asset by assigning an administrator and ensures that every step of the process is carried out in a legal manner. It’s helpful to be familiar with the potential issues that may arise during the probate of an estate.

can i sell my inherited property

Can I Sell My Share Of Inherited Property?

Selling inherited property is legal, though you must consider some stipulations. The inherited property cannot go on the market until the property’s ownership is legally changed in the probate process discussed above. However, the property will require maintenance during this time, and the taxes still need to be paid.

Ownership is also often divided into sections in a will. Therefore, landowners or shareholders must have a lot to consider legally before they can finalize the sale of the property.

Is There A Time Limit On Selling Inherited Property?

Landowners can sell inherited property after resolving any legal cases and gaining ownership in their name. After all the rights have been transferred, you can proceed to make transactions on the property. However, if there are more heirs in the will, each heir will have to agree on whether to sell the property and how to go about it. If everyone is in agreement, the landowners can start the sale process.

Forced Sale of Inherited Property by Siblings

A forced sale is possible, especially when the ownership is divided among several siblings. If the majority of siblings want to sell the property, the property can proceed to the probation process.

Selling Inherited Property

In this case, the first thing to do is to agree to sell the property or buy the property from other siblings. If the parties cannot reach a unanimous agreement, the court must step in and initiate the probate process. Legal officers will also step in at this point to help through the legal steps.

If the court finalizes the sale of the house, your property will go into listing and enter the probate phase. The final sale will be closed even if one of the siblings objects to the sale.

How Much Tax Do You Have To Pay When You Sell An Inherited House?

  1. A certified and experienced wholesaler can walk you through the entire process. You can expect complete transparency about how your house will be sold.
  2. Wholesalers usually have a strong network of investors that can help you close a deal quickly.
  3. If you don’t feel confident about closing a deal on your own, they can offer guidance and professional assistance.

The Disadvantages of Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor

Taxes are required for most privately owned properties in all states of the U.S. Without paying taxes, you cannot rightfully claim ownership of the property. Therefore, even the sale of inherited property is liable to taxes. It is also referred to as an investment gain if you make money off the property during the sale.

The value of the inherited property is important as it will most likely be appraised. especially if has been quite some time since the original descendant first purchased it. If you inherit the property, you are not liable for the entire tax amount for the risen value of the house.


After this, the capital gains tax will be applicable. These taxes also take into account how long ago you inherited the property. For instance, if you sold the property after a year of ownership, the tax on capital gains would be anywhere between 15% to 20%. Whereas, if you intend to sell a property less than a year after owning it, the capital gains tax will be as high as 37% depending on your tax bracket.

Are Taxes Applicable on the Sale of Inherited Property?

Taxes have to be paid even after selling the inherited property. Capital gains are one type of tax that needs to be paid alongside income taxes. Income taxes are applicable if you ever rented the inherited property during the probate or ownership period. The rental income availed during a period is taxable.

How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax?

You can avoid paying capital gains tax if you live in the inherited property for two years or more. One way to do this is to sell your current residential property and move into the inherited one. This option might not work for everyone, but it is still an alternative to avoiding paying capital gains tax.

Furthermore, you can avoid capital taxes if the inherited property goes into a quick selling process. Therefore, working with real estate agents or an experienced legal team is a good idea to ensure a smooth sale of the inherited property and come up with the best outcomes.

Final Takeaway

So, here are the closing words on the question: Can I Sell My Inherited Property? of course yes. But the overall process of selling an inherited piece of land may be time-consuming and mentally draining, but given the right assistance, you can land on the right options. Take aid from experienced professionals to make the final sale for your inherited property.