An Insight on How to Sell Your Parent's House after They Pass Away

Losing your parent is a traumatic event, but life has to continue no matter how much you want it to halt. To make it even more traumatizing, you are left to deal with your parent’s real estate affairs which often lead to selling their house. Now you must be wondering ‘Can I sell my parents house?’. It is an emotionally taxing task that burdens you to a great extent. 

If you have to sell the house immediately, there can be a lot of things that you may overlook. You might be unable to price the home correctly or meet the right buyer for your house. However, you can take small steps towards finalizing a deal on the house. It can be an issue if your parent dies without leaving a will behind. Siblings or other family members may not have the emotional stability to leave the house due to their emotional attachments. 

But, if you work on taking the proper steps, this long task can be quick and painless. It all depends on whom you go to help and what steps you take.

Can I Sell my Parents House?

You can sell your parents’ house fast but you have to be prepared to maintain the property. If you want to avoid any consequences, you must meet all the associated costs, such as maintaining frozen pipes or other liabilities. 

Getting an estimate of the property’s price and a competitive market analysis on what to expect is also imperative. If multiple heirs are involved, make sure to avoid getting an estimate from a family member or friend to avoid conflict.


However, a competitive market analysis means working with a real estate agent. That worries you more since you’ll have to deal with the commission and other problems too. Now comes the steps you should take after a loved one passes on. 

Evaluating the Status of Your Parent's House

You cannot immediately sell your parent’s house. The first step is to see how you inherited the property through three processes. These include a transfer by death deed, a living trust, or probate.

Transfer on Death Deed

A transfer on a death deed is quick and hassle-free. It makes you the owner of the house directly in no time. So you proceed with the sale of the home when you’re ready. 

This deed only works in a few states, and even there, the laws differ for every state.

A living Trust

A living trust streamlines all the issues for inheriting your parent’s house and other real estate properties that they may have. The living trust document names the heirs as the beneficiary while your parents are trustees. A trust document is the best situation when there are multiple heirs to the property.


Probate is a long and mentally taxing process that is not as simple as a deed or a trust. If there is no will, then probate comes into action. Courts supervise probate, and everything is in their hands, even the sale of the property. 

This process ensures that the property goes into the right hands. The process can take several months to one or two years, depending on how complex the process is.

Handle the Inheritance before Disputes Take Place

House sales can also cause disagreements between the heirs or your siblings. So, it is always best to sit down and decide who does what. 

You should decide who would be responsible for the house sale, who’ll take responsibility for the maintenance, how much the home is worth, and who will meet all the offers and close the deal. 

It is worthwhile to divide all the tasks and talk all the disputes out so no one would object to any offer in the future or present any issues.

What Other Things Should You Take Care of?

Other things to consider are the house’s security and collecting all the essential documents. It is crucial to manage the home’s safety and maintain it until you close a deal on it. 

Lock away any house valuables and take care of the mail. An unused mailbox can alert thieves and make them realize that the house has no occupants, making it the perfect spot for theft. 

You should also change the door locks and ensure that all entrances to the house, including doors, garage, windows, attic, or anything else, are fully secure.

Ending Note

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