Here Are The Top Cities to Live in Riverside County

Riverside County is a developing Country that focuses on improving its residents’ lives rather than attracting visitors. It lies on the outskirts of Los Angeles and has approximately 2.5 million people. 

Riverside County is not as popular as its counterparts in California, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile place to consider for living. Despite this, the popularity is still decent as the count witnessed a population growth of 12.8% in the last ten years. 

Fortunately, Riverside County is also an inexpensive option. It is more affordable, and the everyday expenditures are cheaper compared to Orange County. This article focuses on the downsides and advantages for people looking to move here.

The Economy in Riverside County

Riverside County has a major downside, unemployment. The employment rate here is staggeringly low, around 7 to 8%. This figure is above the national average in the U.S. In contrast, the housing costs rose around 28% in the preceding year, making it hard to live in the County. 

However, it is not all bad here. The unemployment rate fell from 16% at the start of the pandemic to 7%. The home prices here are below the median value compared to other counties. Therefore, Riverside County has some cities which are stellar in some accord and a nice alternative to move.

Here Are The Top Cities to Live in Riverside County

The Best Cities in Riverside County

Just outside the LA metropolitan area lies Riverside County. A calm and peaceful yet affordable area to live in. Riverside County, although an obscure area, is slowly becoming an eye-catcher. Due to the rise in population, people have been looking for suitable areas to settle in. The Riverside County checks all your concerns. Let’s now discuss some of the cities located in this County.

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Starting with the most popular area here, Riverside. The largest city in Riverside County, with a population of almost 314,000. As it’s the largest city on the list, it also has various attractions. The area is the most popular, as it offers the best schooling and great job opportunities. With around 11 colleges and universities, you should consider Riverside when moving.


Despite the size and the opportunities riverside has to offer, it is also a more affordable place to live compared to the other cities on the list. You could get an average, comfortable home for around $571,000.


Corona, a beautiful city with a population of about 169,000, is located on the southeast side of Riverside. There is a variety of great public schools and fascinating recreational areas.


Your usual stores like Macy’s and target are located in Corona, but so are the high-end stores, like the supercar manufacturer Saleen Automotive which has headquarters here. These facilities increase housing costs, making the cost of living a little more expensive in this area.


Another great option on the list is Temecula. Temecula holds a population nearing 110,000. It is another city on the list mentioned in the top 50 safest places in CA. The average house here is not too expensive nor too cheap, priced at approximately $67,000. 


However, the prices have increased 30% in the last year. Temecula might be the most interesting city among all of these. With its great schooling systems and numerous tourist attractions, Temecula is a great place to live. The annual Temecula valley international film festival and the wine culture are also great catches.


Eastvale is ranked among the 50 safest cities in CA, with a population of 64,000, as it’s a fairly new addition and incorporated in 2010. Eastvale also has good schools to offer and good tourist spots.


Although Eastvale is not the cheapest place to live in, an average house could cost you, give or take, $809,000. In conclusion, if you were looking for an affordable place, Eastvale might not be the best option.

Thinking of Moving to Riverside County?

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