A Guide to Sell Your House without a Real Estate License

Before you sell any house you need to think do you need a license to sell houses?  If you’re working as a salesperson or a real estate broker, you will require a license for selling houses issued by the state you’re in. Without obtaining a license first, you can’t sell a house. 

For this purpose, every state has different requirements. However, the usual process would be to send an application in, provide proof of your real estate education, and then take an exam. 

Once you’ve passed your test and received a real estate license from your state, only then can you start your real estate journey. Moreover, selling a house without a license is a crime. If you try to do so, you’ll have to face the consequences of your actions.

Process of Getting A Real Estate License

Your first step should be looking into the requirements of your state. Each state has a different requirement for getting a license issued. The usual requirements include knowing real estate. You can even take classes on real estate online but make sure those classes are eligible and can help you get a license.

How to Sell Your House without a Real Estate License

Other than this, you must submit an application with all the required details. These include any criminal history, personal information, and a detail of your qualifications. If you fill in false answers, it can result in permanent disqualification for you. 

In addition,  your educational background must be clear. Then the next step is taking the exam. This exam will help you get your license which is why it’s so important. The set-up for the exam is different for every state, so make sure you give it accordingly.

Once you’ve cleared your real estate exam, you must file for a license. After that, the only remaining step is paying for your license, which varies from $100 to $200. However, in some states, the amount is as low as $50.

Punishments for practising real estate without a license

In most states, the crime of practicing real estate without a license is waved off as a misdemeanor or based on the severity of the crime. But, in other states, the crime of practicing real estate without a license isn’t taken as lightly.

If you act on someone’s behalf without their agreement or license, you cannot engage in negotiations with the other party. Any real estate transaction made on behalf of someone else will be considered illegal. Some of the penalties include:


Your state can impose a fine on you if you do anything illegal in real estate trading. An unauthorized sale, selling on someone’s behalf without their knowledge, or using illegal means to sell a real estate property can result in fines. Every state has a different rule for imposing fines. These can vary anywhere from $1000 to %5000 or more.


A misdemeanor and a felony can lead to completing jail or prison time. An unauthorized real estate transaction can put you in prison for up to four years or more, depending on the state.


Probation may also be inflicted as part of the criminal act. During this period, the person has to comply with all the restrictions from the court outside jail or prison. These restrictions include paying the required dines, restitution, and court costs. The individual also has to abstain from all sorts of real estate activities. If the individual does not comply with all the conditions for the given period, they face increased penalties and, in some cases, serve an incarceration sentence.

Selling Your House Without a Realtor

There are ways to sell your house without a license or a realtor. The traditional routes only require one thing: the time your house has been up on the market. Although, one of the best ways to sell your house is to put it up for auction.

Can You Sell Your House Without a Realtor

Suppose you’re selling the house; putting it up for auction can be your greatest option. You may have to fulfill a few contingencies, but there’s little room for negotiation. That means you can set the asking price and don’t have to negotiate with buyers. 

On the flip side, selling your home at an auction has its demerits. Your home might not land on the asking price and won’t sell.

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