Understanding the Difference between a Buying Agency and Listing Agent

An agent guides you through the difficult process of selling your house. You may likely come across a real estate agent or a realtor to guide you throughout the process. 

But, there’s a difference between a listing agent and a buying agent that you should be aware of before you start working with an agent. The titles may sound similar, but the job descriptions are different. So, if you’re serious about selling your house, it is best to know the key differences between these people and their role in finalizing a deal for your house.

Buying agent vs Listing Agent: Who does what?

A listing agent is an agent that represents the seller. They list your house on the market at a competitive price. They’re responsible for bringing in potential buyers and marketing your house.


You get the advantage of reaching more buyers if you work with them. They also have detailed information on what goes inside and out of the selling business. You can sell a house without a realtor, but working with them takes the burden off your shoulders. 

That is because realtors can give you a comparative analysis and compare prices with other houses in the area. They consistently work until you meet a suitable buyer. After finalizing a deal, they work with you through all the negotiations and handle all the documentation. 

However, listings can take time and take up to weeks to close. Also, realtors take a portion of the commission fee that affects the final profit you receive. 

In contrast, a selling agent stands on behalf of the buyer. They’re referred to as the selling agent because they brought the buyer. They help to shortlist the potential homes and properties clients or buyers would be interested in. an experienced agent helps you navigate through good properties and land on a profitable deal.

How important is the Role for Both the Agents

Times have changed, and people navigate this situation differently than a decade ago. With the advent of the internet, people found ways to contact buyers and sellers who own houses directly. 

However, despite the new methods, it is best to have a representative on your side. Professional help can help you understand the complications and protect you from unwanted listings and experiences. A house for sale sign in your yard can help, but it only invites non-serious buyers who’d waste your time.

The Responsibilities for Both Agents

The responsibilities of both agents differ. A buyer agent would help identify mortgage loan sources and get them approved. They also have to set up appointments with the sellers and see if the potential house fits the description for the buyer. 

Their job is also to advise and analyze the long-term benefits of buying the house. They’re also responsible for any home inspection and appraisals against the property. They also have to promote positive communication between the lender and the buyer. The goals of the buyer agent are similar to the seller’s agent, but the roles they play are different. 

The seller’s agent has to ensure that everything in the house is top-notch and properly staged. They advise you to get photographs, remove any unnecessary clutter, fix the house, renovate, and do general repairs. 

They also help negotiate with the buyer and their agent and ensure that all documentation is done correctly

However, all these processes can be extremely lengthy and can drain you mentally and physically since you must actively participate at every step of the way.

Whom Should You Work With?

If you’re selling the house, you have to work with a listing agent. They help you list your house. However, listing your house despite all the efforts can also end in vain if you don’t meet a suitable buyer. You might have to return to level zero despite all the preparations and repairs. 

That is why it is best to work with another option: cash buyers. Cash buyers are the perfect solution if you want to avoid all the commotion and close a quick and effective deal on your house. 

You also don’t have to worry about any commission fee and save it up. That is because cash buyers buy your house directly without any intervention from a third party or person.

Work With the Top Cash Buyers

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