The Do’s and Don’ts When Selling Your House [Explained]

Selling your house is no easy business. There are tons of things to consider and dozens of documents to organize before moving to the next step. A lot of things go into making a deal successful. However, selling your house can be very stressful if you do not understand the procedure deeply. This article will explain you about seller’s rights when selling a house: what you can and can’t do.

You should find your way around what you can and cannot do. Take everything into account, from listing the house to accepting or rejecting offers that come your way. This article describes everything from scratch so you can close a final deal on your house without any problems.

Listing Your Home

A lot of people believe in the notion that you can only sell your house through a realtor or a real estate agency. Although selling your house is tedious, there are alternatives to working with an agent or realtor.

You should be able to make this decision and see how to list your house, what marketing tactics you want to use, and other things. However, the real estate market constantly fluctuates. Making the right decision at the right time can benefit you more. Understanding the balance between things can help you make good money from the successful sale of your house.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Selling Your House [Explained]

Refusing Unsuitable Offers

Sellers need to understand that they have the right to reject any offer that seems unsuitable for them. Nonetheless, this right also has some boundaries that you cannot cross. You cannot reject an offer based on the other person’s nationality, race, sex, family status, religion, color, or anything that seems culturally or politically unethical. 

You cannot deprive the other party of negotiating the terms and conditions with you or deny that the house is not for sale. Hence, you cannot treat prospective buyers and distinguish them based on the above-mentioned characteristics. However, you can reject offers if you are unhappy with the price, timing, or any other circumstance.

Challenging an Appraisal

As a home seller, you have the right to challenge an appraisal. Although, this is specific to every situation and varies from one case to another. Most home buyers have to get loan approval to purchase a house. Hence, the lender will always ask for a home appraisal. 

The appraisal determines the value of the house in the real estate market. From there, the amount that the buyer can borrow is determined. The issue can arise when the appraisal is below the asking price, making it hard to close a deal. In this case, you can negotiate with the buyer and adjust the difference to lower the asking price.

Accepting Offers on Your Listing

Since rejecting offers is up to the seller solely, you also have the authority to accept any offer you find suitable. However, there are specific rules to this as well. If you work with a real estate agent and find a suitable offer, you cannot fire the agent. You cannot take your house off the listing to secure the deal off-market and avoid paying commission.

Accepting Offers on Your Listing

Hence, working with our services is the best option you have since we are the direct buyers. You wouldn’t need to go to any real estate agent or agency and pay a commission. We buy your house directly and as it is without any need for renovation. Our prices compete with home appraisals and are competitive in the market, making it extremely easy to close a deal with us.

Accepting another Offer while under a different Contract

Backing out from a legitimate contract if a better option comes along is not new. However, in this case, real estate laws protect the buyer, and you cannot back out after signing a contract. Unless the buyer does not get approved for a loan or does not fulfill the other contingencies in the contract, you cannot back out. 

However, if the buyer fulfills everything, you cannot walk out of the contract. That could result in a severe case, and you can get sued for breaching the law. The case can end up in court, where the court might sell your house forcefully. Nonetheless, breaching the contract is not an offense punishable by jail time. 

The catch here is that you can keep working with other offers for backup while undergoing another contract. If the deal does not go through correctly, you can proceed with the backup offer and work with their contract.

Documenting the Contract

The contract in question must be in written format. Oral contracts do not hold any value and are not binding by law. Hence, if you promise to make a deal with a potential buyer and then back out, you can get out of it without repercussions.

Deciding what is best for you

The end decision is for you to make. As the seller, you have complete autonomy over what decisions you make for your house. If you are looking for a potential buyer without going through any problems, our services are here to help. We know the mental stress of selling your house and contacting realtors who don’t have the perfect options for you. 

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