Property Owners' Struggles with Selling Hoarder Homes

Most homes you see available on the real estate market are usually renovated, upgraded, and spotless to make the sale fast and with good offers. Such houses help buyers envision their selves living there better.  

However, there are some hoarder homes on the market that require a little struggle. This article is here to help you understand how to sell a hoarder house. 

A hoarder home is the one in which there is a lot of clutter making the house unclean and uninhabitable. This is because hoarder homes are hubs of diseases and are harmful to the neighborhood. 

If you own a hoarder home that you want to sell then you have to decide whether you want to renovate and tidy up the place before you sell or sell it as-is. Both options come with their consequences.

If you decide to renovate and get rid of all the mold and fungus breeding in your house, you’ll have to pay a pretty generous amount. On the other hand, you’ll face a massive loss if you choose to sell it as-is.

We hope you find this article helpful and can decide on selling your hoarder house fast and at a good cash offer.

What is Meant by Hoarding?

Hoarding is a psychological disorder in which the affected person finds it difficult to part ways with objects that aren’t useful to them. They create an emotional bond with a particular thing, and it is challenging for them to part with it as it triggers their anxiety. 

How Property Owners Struggle With Hoarder Homes

The object could be a type of food, a newspaper or magazine, clothes, or even a cardboard box. The memorabilia can prove to be harmful to the person holding onto them.

How to Sell a Hoarder House?

If you’ve been hired to sell a hoarder’s home you should know it won’t be an easy job. In a typical hoarder house, the owner leaves all the stuff behind, which may have been there for months, maybe even years. 

Since hoarder homes contain mold, fungus, diseases, rot, and decaying foods, it is essential to take the necessary precautions before you step into the house.

Wear gloves and a mask, and carry a sanitizer with you. Places like these attract all sorts of animals. So you should expect to find dead animals and animal feces around the house.

If the hoarder is on the site during the cleaning process, it will take longer than usual. As the hoarder will get anxious seeing the items they see as valuable being thrown out, and they’ll most likely ask you to give them a moment to say goodbye to everything you throw out.

Let’s get down to the factors that make it harder to sell a hoarder’s home.

Time and Money Required.

While selling a hoarder home, it will be difficult to put it up on MLS right away, nor you can take photos of the house due to clutter to put up on the internet to attract buyers.

Thus your only option left is to clean up the whole house and it will require a lot of your time, effort, and money. In addition, deep cleaning of the hoarded house is necessary to get rid of possible germs and fungus and to make the house look more presentable.

For the whole deep cleaning process, homeowners will need a lot of time to clean up the whole place. Factors such as the size of the house, areas that are littered with stuff, how long it’s been sitting there, and the dangers it could release into the neighborhood will contribute to the whole process. 

If the situation is out of hand and there is hazardous material breeding in your home, you’ll need money and time to get it removed.

Time and money required

You may even have to get the place renovated entirely. This means you’ll have to get the place sterilized and repainted. Only then will your hoarded house stand a chance of getting sold.

Embarrassment about Hoarding.

Sometimes people who suffer from a hoarding disorder also have to deal with other conditions such as anxiety or depression. When all these aspects come together, the hoarder finds it even harder to move on.

On top of that, the embarrassment they feel when other people judge them for their situation makes them even more reluctant to sell the house.

To save themselves from all these aspects, the people suffering from hoarding decide to leave the house as-is. Some refuse to move out until they have no other option left.

If you or someone you know is suffering from this disorder, ask someone for help, you don’t have to go through any of this by yourself.

An Open House for Selling a Hoarder House?

When someone decides to sell a property, they usually offer a tour or open houses for people to check out for a fast sale. However, in the case of a hoarder’s home, this is not an option. First impressions matter a lot, and you could jeopardize other people by inviting them into your hoarded home. 

Final Thoughts

The best option to sell your hoarder home isn’t through a real estate agent or by putting it upon the MLS. It would be best if you sold it to a direct cash buyer. It will be a smoother and hassle-free sale and take less time compared to other paths you may be considering.

We at Top Cash Offer in USA do our best to put you out of this situation and buy your hoarder home for cash. You have nothing to worry about your distressed property. Work with us today to close an instant deal on your house.