Selling Your Property when it’s in Foreclosure

Have you ever found yourself lost about what to do with your home that is about to head into a foreclosure? You might have missed a payment or two for your mortgage. Hence, you’re now receiving letters from the lender that if you don’t catch up with the payments, the process for Foreclosure will commence.
That is a scary situation to get yourself into. You wouldn’t want to lose your house or be overwhelmed by huge heaps of debt you can never pay back. You have no hope other than giving up your home or going bankrupt.
Whatever path you choose, remember that things always get better at the end of a journey. There are plenty of options, but if you’re looking for a sustainable option that will free you from all your worries, keep on reading.
In this article, we’ll be discussing what process you should undertake if your house goes into Foreclosure. If going bankrupt is the only option you can see, you should know that there’s still hope. We will walk you through the whole process seamlessly while providing an excellent option for you to take. You can avoid going through emotional distress and harming your mental peace if you choose to work with us. Before starting anything else, let’s understand what Foreclosure means.

What Does Foreclosure Mean?

Firstly it is essential to know what fore-closure is and what it entails. Foreclosure is a term that translates to the missed mortgage payments you have made on your house. Missing one mortgage payment or two wouldn’t necessarily make you end up in hot waters. However, if you miss several mortgage payments, you can expect a foreclosure notice to be sent to your home. There are two types of foreclosure notices you can receive from your lender:

Selling Your Property when it’s in Foreclosure

Judicial Foreclosure

Judicial Foreclosure is referred to as the proceedings on a property that lacks the power of sale notion. This phase happens when the foreclosure proceedings have to be settled in the courtroom. Judicial Foreclosure helps protect the equity that borrowers might still have in the foreclosed property. If, the auction fails to gather the mortgage amount for the lender, the borrower is held liable for all the remaining balance.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure

Non-judicial Foreclosure happens without the interference of the court during the foreclosure process. This process is a faster way to resolve the issue and proves to be cheaper because you can avoid all the judiciary fees.

Can you sell your home during Foreclosure?

Yes, you can choose to sell your abode even if you are facing Foreclosure. The lender grants the homeowner time to arrange the said payments before selling the property.

How can you sell your home in pre-foreclosure?

When faced with this situation, you have a couple of routes you can take. You can opt for the stereotypical path and list your house for sale. However, listing your house means you’ll have to carry out renovations and fix up the house before you can make the final sale.

Moreover, often you cannot get the amount of money your house is worth. Not to mention that this process is highly time consuming. Hence, your best bet is to contact a wholesaler. Because during Foreclosure, you do not have the time or the physical and mental energy to wait for the perfect offer and make the renovations.

Can you sell a house in Pre-foreclosure

Selling for instant cash to a wholesaler can help you avoid all these circumstances and help your life get back on track after you receive a foreclosure notice.

Is it ever late to sell your house during the process of Foreclosure?

If the house you own is sold by the lender who lent the mortgage to you during an auction, you cannot make a sale on the house after that. However, most states give the homeowners a redemption period, which varies from six months to a year, in which you can reclaim the ownership of your old house after paying the lender the full amount of the mortgage.

What is the best option for you during Foreclosure?

Now that you have come to terms with the fact that selling your house is the best option during Foreclosure, the next thing to do is choose the right path. Since a Foreclosure notice gives you limited time, selling to a real estate wholesaler is your best go.

Investors make quick cash offers and can help you get out of this problem quickly. The benefits of selling your house in Foreclosure to an investor or real estate wholesaler are endless. Some benefits of finalizing a deal with a wholesaler are given below.

Quick Cash Offers

Wholesalers make instant cash offers on the spot and close deals as quickly as possible. Usually, it takes up to seven days to close a deal and move out of your house. This option is faster than other stereotypical ways of selling your house or contacting a realtor.

No Commission or No renovations

Wholesalers buy your house as it is. No need to make new arrangements or get your house ready for sale. Moreover, wholesalers help you avoid any commission or fees, saving you more money.

No Marketing Required

No need to go out and put your house up for advertising or list it for sale. An investor can reach out and purchase your home directly without any outside involvement, making the whole process much easier.

Get an Instant Solution to Your Property Problem

No need to go out and put your house up for advertising or list it for sale. Selling your house to a wholesaler lifts so much weight from your shoulders. Avoid the mental stress that your financial situation is giving your right now. At our company, we help homeowners face the uncalled situation of Foreclosure. investor can reach out and purchase your home directly without any outside involvement, making the whole process much easier.

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