Full Checklist of the Documents Needed to Sell A House

Selling property is a hard task as it is. Assembling the documents and preparing them for processing makes the job even tougher. The unfortunate news is that you can’t escape this process, but the process can be easier. We hope this article helps you get the full checklist of the documents required to sell property.

Also, if you’re new to the real state business and need help with the required paperwork burden, experienced service in the business can help make the process smoother. You wouldn’t have to deal with more pressure than you should, and your property will reach the market safely.

The Documents Needed to Sell A House

Whenever you plan on selling your home in California, certain documents are required for the process to begin. If you are selling your property on your own with no middle man, then you need to provide certain documents for the process.

Full Checklist of the Paperwork Required to Sell Property

Original sale document

If you’re the seller, you must provide the buyer with a copy of the contract you bought your property through. The contract should hold all the information regarding the price you bought the property for, the agreements made at the time of sale, and any other imperative information the buyer should know when buying the property.

Repairs and maintenance history of the property

Many people end up renovating a property before selling it. If you decide to make any changes to your house, you will also have to provide the history of all the repairs done on the property. Make sure the information you give the buyer is complete, including photos of what you changed, the material used, and the people hired for the renovations.

Repairs and maintenance history of the property

Affidavit of title

The affidavit differs from the deed. An affidavit is a document that requires a fact to be stated. It is a document in which you have to swear that you are, in fact, the owner of the property, that the property has no other buyers, that the property has no unpaid taxes left, and that you, the owner, are not part of any bankruptcy proceedings.

CMA report

Comparative Market Analysis reports created by your service help you set a fair price for your property, keeping in mind the ongoing market and the prices for similar properties.

Real Estate Paperwork

Paperwork is an important part of moving the process forward. The documents you need depends on your situation and what documents the other party requests to see. The following documents are usually required when selling a house.

Home Inspection Results

Most people buying your house would want to look at home inspection results. The great thing about our service is that we require none of that. We buy your house as-is despite any anomaly that may appear in the house.

Mortgage Patterns

The mortgage is an important document for every buyer. It is important to show how much you still owe on the house if it is mortgaged. Any additional charges should also be shown.

Proof of Drastic Repairs Made to the House

Buyers require the homeowners to show if any renovations were made that add to the value of their home. Hence, any documents supporting that claim should be presented. However, if you work with our services, we make an on-spot offer that helps you not to work about any of this documentation. You can have a seamless experience by working with us.

Proof of Drastic Repairs Made to the House

Disclosure Forms

Disclosure forms are imperative for buyers. These documents disclose any information that could impact the decision of the buyer to complete the purchase of your home. Real estate laws require you to disclose anything related to your house and all the facts so the buyer can make an informed decision.

Homeowners should highlight every known issue in this document to show any damages or use of any unauthorized material within the house. In addition to this, you might also need to give a natural hazard disclosure. This form is only required if your house is situated in an area prone to natural hazards like flooding and other disasters.

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