How to Take Your House Off Market – An Easy Guide

Deciding not to sell your house after putting it up for sale is not uncommon. You may have emotional attachment to a house and might not want to sell it even after listing it. It is a pretty common cause and one that does have a solution. 

So, think carefully before taking your house off the market. It might just be cold feet of being emotionally attached to the house. The feeling might fade off. However, if that is not the case, you can take specific steps to help take your home off the market. 

Meeting the Prerequisites to Take Your House off Market

There are no prerequisites or rules that homeowners should fulfill before taking the house off the market. You don’t need to file documentation or fill out a special form. Nonetheless, that does not mean there are no other repercussions for taking your house off the market.
How to Take Your House Off Market – An Easy Guide

When Can You Take a House off the Market?

Generally, certain cases are valid enough to let you take your house off the market. It can be a mere case of change of heart as well. However, taking your home off the market is not as insignificant as you think. There can be several consequences that you should weigh before reaching a final decision. Hence, here are some cases where you might want to take your house off the market.

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Unsatisfactory Performance by Agency or Realtor

Working with realtors or an agency can be challenging. Most realtors focus on their benefits rather than providing solutions and helping you close quick deals. Unsatisfactory performance is not new for agencies. However, there can be other reasons as well. Maybe the realtor is good enough, but you two are not on the same page.
In contrast, you may decide to save on the commission fee and sell the house on your own, even though everything is going smoothly. These cases are valid for taking your home off the market if you wish to do so.

No Suitable Offers

Another reason could be that your house listing has been up for ages, and you still haven’t met a suitable offer. Hence, you might consider removing your listing. It is categorized as a stale listing if your listing goes on without receiving any offers for sixty days. 

Moreover, any other buyer looking at the property might think negatively. Being listed for too long does not positively impact your house’s image among buyers. Therefore, you can take the place off the market for a few days and wait for the right time to put it up again. 

However, it is essential to evaluate your listing before taking it down and considering why the house was up for so long without any offers. Reconsider your pricing, method of listing, and marketing tactics. Also, consider working with a real estate wholesaler to sell your house.

Lastly, you might have done everything by the book, but the real estate market could be down. Whatever the reason, a stale listing is a genuine reason for removing your house from the market.

Change Of Heart

Change of heart is another valid reason. No one can question why you removed your house from the listing. You might not want to move or face any other circumstance that compelled you to revoke the decision and take your home off the market.

What Happens After Taking Your House Off Market?

Even though you have complete control over your house listing, there are consequences for taking your house off the market. Hence, it is always wise to reevaluate your decision before taking your home down after putting it up on the market.

Selling On Your Own

There would be no consequences if you were selling the property on your own without any outside help. Given that you accepted no offers, you won’t have to worry about anything. The only thing that you lost is the time and energy invested into marketing your house for selling.

Working with an Agent

Real estate agents are sometimes not the wisest option to help you list your house. That is because if you were working with an agent, you are obligated to pay a cancellation fee if you wish to remove your listing. This law protects the agent and the services they offered throughout their tenure with you.

Working with a Potential Buyer

Canceling your contract after working with a potential buyer is the hardest of all the cases. If you are already under a contract after accepting an offer and now wish to cancel your house listing, there will be consequences. However, even in this case, it’s not hard to reimburse your listing and take it off the market.

How to Sell Your Home after taking it Off the Market

If you’re wondering whether you could still close a deal on your house after taking it off the market, the answer is yes. Taking your home off the market is your decision. You might have decided against making repairs, giving realtors an unjustified commission fee, or any other reason. 

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