How to Calculate Property Tax Rate in Georgia 2023

Georgia is known for its moderate tax rates. These moderate tax rates translate to a better quality of life and more opportunities within the state. The tax rates and their calculation vary from state to state. Hence, you must clearly understand and know what you owe in taxes.

Property Taxes in Georgia

The property taxes are calculated through a professional assessor who puts a value on the property. The value is assessed at the time of purchase, giving you the property’s base year value. That price is the purchase price unless it differs from the property’s market value.
How to Calculate Property Tax Rate in Georgia 2022

All of this means that the property’s fair market value is greater than the estimated value. That happens because the 2% increase in cap doesn’t comply with the actual increases in the market price. Nonetheless, a fresh assessment is performed whenever there is a significant change in the property. These changes include changes in ownership or any renovations made to your home. 

Hence, the tax rates differ if you plan on selling your home in Georgia and want to move to a cheaper place. That happens because the new assessment will be according to the new market value. 

In contrast, your property tax in the state of Georgia is not related to what the market in your area is. It means that if the homeowner sold a house in your neighborhood at a higher price than the assessed one, you should expect a new assessment to determine the new property tax on your home.

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Why is Paying Property Tax Rate in Georgia Important?

Tax rates amount to the services you receive while living in the state of Georgia and your neighborhood. Services like public schools, access to the public library, or being able to contact the local police in a state of emergency are all covered by taxes. 

Since all these services require funds, taxes are paid to cover them. Property taxes are paid by everyone who owns a home. Not all homeowners pay the same tax amount. Every homeowner must pay the tax according to the value of their home.

Why is Paying Property Tax Rate in Georgia Important

This term is also called “ad valorem,” which means “according to value.” In Georgia, the property tax rates are lower than the national average, making the state an excellent place to live.

How to Calculate Your Property Tax in Georgia

Calculating your property rate in Georgia is not that hard. All you need is your home’s assessed value from a recent assessment and the property tax rate in the area. You can use both of these to calculate your property tax rate accurately.

The taxable value of your property is calculated by subtracting $2000 from your home’s assessed value, which is the standard homestead exemption. The difference gives you the taxable amount, at which the local tax rate, also called the millage rate is applicable.

Property Tax Exemptions in Georgia

If you own a house legally, you have to pay taxes. Nevertheless, there are some cases in which homeowners are exempted from taxes. These include the following:

  • Senior citizens with no qualifying source of income
  • Qualified veterans with disabilities
  • Surviving spouses and children of veterans or government employees killed while in service

There are other causes in which you can get exempted from tax rates if you fulfill the requirements to qualify.

How Is Georgia Different From Other States?

Georgia is an affordable state in terms of its tax policies. You don’t have to pay as much in Georgia compared to the other places in the country. Georgia’s state government offers valuable information that helps you understand the process behind paying taxes. 

However, did you know that the state does not charge for real estate property taxes? Whatever you pay in reference to the property tax goes directly to the local government in the area. That is why Georgia ranks second to last in terms of taxation. 

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