Understanding the Meaning of a Link-Detached House

What is a link detached house? To answer your question, link detached houses are neither detached nor semi-detached. They don’t share a wall or partition with their neighbors. However, they have a link through a garage. Since these houses connect through a garage, calling them detached would be wrong and misguiding.

To sum it up, a link detached house is neither a detached nor a semi-detached house, yet it shares properties of both these houses. Let’s look a bit more into this to clear the bubble of confusion.

How are Link Detached, Detached, and Attached Houses Different?

A detached house shares no walls with its neighbor(s). It is an entirely independent house. It is a single plot of land with no concept of sharing.

However, an attached house shares its walls (or more) with its neighboring homes. Two or more houses are joined together meaning several people will look after the property collectively.


In contrast, a link detached house is unique and very different from the other houses mentioned. It’s not precisely attached, nor is it separated from its neighbors. It connects with another house through the garage, basement, or even the foundation underneath.

Problems of Link-Detached Houses

If you compare link detached houses to semi-detached ones, they are much less noisy and chaotic. However, if you compare a link detached house to a detached one, you’ll find that detached homes are way better, especially in this aspect.

Although you don’t share a wall with your neighbors, you are still connected to their part of the house via your garage or basement, etc. So, there is a path for noise to transport from one place to the other. You can prevent this by opting for soundproof walls, windows, and doors. Yes, the process is a little costly, but it will be worth it in the end.

Unlike detached houses, where you have total independence, linked homes don’t provide complete freedom. You have to share the same space with the homeowners which can lead to several misunderstandings. Little problems can gather up into one massive problem and may lead to day-to-day disputes with your neighbors.

Buying a Link-Detached House

Link-detached houses are not all that bad as they have the advantage of not sharing a wall with their neighbor. That means you’ll have to face much less disturbance in a link-detached home compared to a semi-detached house.

Since link detached houses appear similar to detached houses, you’ll save a fortune while getting some of the benefits of detached houses. Detached houses value at least 20-25% more than link-detached ones, which is a huge difference.

link detached houses

Unlike semi-detached houses, where you have to share a wall on one or both sides of your home, link-detached places are almost independent. 

Given that you aren’t sharing a wall with anyone, you’ll maintain a level of peace. You even have more privacy in link detached houses, compared to semi-detached ones.

Is the Process of Selling a Link-Detached House Difficult?

The straightforward answer to your question is yes, it is hard to sell a link detached house. Even though link detached homes have lower prices than detached houses, they still aren’t as popular as detached houses.

Since link detached houses share the properties of semi-detached houses, the problems are also somewhat the same, which is why they aren’t such a big hit.

So buyers usually go for either semi-detached houses, as they are cheaper, or detached homes, as they are entirely independent. That is also why link detached houses tend to stay on the market longer.

However, you shouldn’t worry too much. There are a lot of buyers out there who prefer link detached houses. All you have to do is target the right audience, and we will sell your home in no time.

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