A Guide to Sell Your House in Poor Condition

It’s normal to have creaking floors, broken windows, a leaking roof, or threadbare carpets. They’re nothing to be ashamed of. You must be wondering about selling a house in poor condition. 

Now, selling a house in poor condition can be a challenge. Since these houses are either outdated or in dire need of repairs and upgrades, it can be hard to attract a suitable buyer willing to give you a fair value for your house.

Even though selling a house in poor condition is challenging, it’s not impossible and can be done in just a few steps. If you can afford it and have time on your hands to get your house upgraded, you definitely should. 

This article explores the various options you have when you’re looking to sell a house in poor condition.

What to Do about Selling a House in Poor Condition?

Selling your house in poor condition is not as hard as it may seem. There are thousands of houses that close a deal in poor condition. Nevertheless, how can you sell a house in poor condition and close a deal near the market value?


Poor conditions can mean many things. These include any damages made through moisture, bad foundations, pest infestation, and other serious faults. These are serious conditions that need to be promptly solved. Selling your house when you know it has these problems resembles fraud and misleading your buyer if you do not inform them of the condition. 

On the other hand, less dramatic conditions included stained tiles, paint chipping off, unmaintained backyards, and other less dramatic conditions. These conditions are repairable and help you close a deal on your house.

Why Does a Poor-Conditioned House Fail to Sell?

Many believe a house in poor condition does not fare well on the market. But, a lack of research and marketing results in the property faring badly on the market. 

Homeowners often quote unrealistic prices on their property. If local buyers find the prices too high, you can expect your house not to close a deal. 

A realistic price with good marketing can help you close a deal on your house. Getting in touch with the local real estate market and professionals can help you put an accurate price on your house.

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Major Repairs for Your House

A house that requires major repairs needs immediate attention. You have different options that make selling your house in poor condition easier. 

Investing in major repairs that give more return on investment adds more value to your house. A few targeted repairs can help bring a major difference in your home value. 

For example, fixing or upgrading your bathrooms or kitchen gives a higher ROI. Kitchens and bathrooms interest buyers and give a better impression of your house. Hence, investing in cosmetic repairs and renovations can also help increase the value of your house.

Major Repairs for Your House

An inhabitable house makes it completely unfit for living. It can have multiple problems, including serious plumbing issues that can lead to cracked walls. 

Other issues include foundation problems that can damage the whole structure. These problems are extremely dangerous for the buyer, and in no case should you conceal the problems.

Selling Your House without Repairs

It is common for homeowners to market their houses as-is. Investors and cash buyers in different states are always looking for an opportunity to buy these houses. When you market your house using this method, you need to disclose any problems with the house. If you do not disclose the problems, you can face legal consequences. 

This option is best if you do not want to go through any problems and make no effort to sell your house. However, you can still negotiate with the buyer on the pricing and find a mutual price on which both parties agree. 

It is also best to clear your house despite the selling it as-is mindset. A few tweaks here and there can help make the house more welcoming for the buyer.

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Ending Words

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