A Comprehensive Guide on How to Sell a Fire-damaged Property

Selling a house inflicted with the trauma of fire damage is no easy job. However, since it’s not impossible to sell a house with fire damage, you can pursue many different routes to sell the property.

But what is a fire-damaged house? Fire damage refers to the physical damage to your property due to burning. It could result directly from flames, ash, smoke, and other fire-corrosive substances that release during a fire. 

A severe fire can damage your walls and burn furniture, clothes, and other household items, thus leaving them neglected and useless.

What usually causes fires in a house?

Between 2015 and 2019, 25% of the fires reported occurred in houses. Some of the main reasons which cause these fires are extensive cooking, smoking, electrical or gas faults, and even arson.


Selling a fire-damaged house.

The first thing you need to come to terms with when selling a fire-damaged house is that it will sell for a lower price than usual. On top of that, you’ll have to deal with repairing the damages caused by the fire. Few people will buy fire-damaged houses as-is, especially if the fire is widespread.

You can sell your fire-damaged house as-is, but repairing it before selling will bring in more money. Consult your insurance agent about the situation before you make a decision. Even if you don’t have an insurance company affiliated with you, many people are willing to help you with the process.

How much can I get for a fire-damaged house?

Besides the cost of repairs, a trade buyer (if you go with one) will ask for a 20% profit at least. And if the house isn’t suitable or can’t pass for a mortgage, the cash cost will be very high. A cash buyer will be expecting a 10-15% discount.

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Moreover, different builders might be interested in your house. They usually make a living by repairing and selling homes like these. If they like the property, they’ll want to take the property off your hands as soon as possible. They’ll also give you a fair value for your house.

Should I spend money on repairing the house?

Repairing your house depends on the situation you’re in. If you can afford it and have enough time on your hands, restoring the home before you sell is the right way to go. On the other hand, selling the house as-is should be considered if you’re looking for a quick sale. 

It just depends on you and the situation you find yourself in. However, we can say that contacting us at Top Cash Offer In USA will help make the process so much easier.

Before selling my fire-damaged house, should I disclose the situation to the buyer?

The answer is yes. You must inform the potential buyer about the situation beforehand. Especially if you’re selling the property after renovating, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling the house as-is. The house will do the talking for itself. But you have to mention fire damage if you’re marketing after renovating. 

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Selling your house without informing the buyer about the calamity is illegal. And if you proceed to keep them in the dark, you will have to face legal charges, and you might even lose your house altogether.

fire-damaged house

Pros and Cons of selling your firehouse as-is

Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of selling your house with fire damage.


Selling your house as-is could save you time and help make the moving-on process much more manageable.

You won’t have to worry about repairs or deal with the stress of contractors, not to mention all the money you’ll save.

Many builders and developers are always looking for properties such as fire damage, as they repair those properties and sell them for a profit. They’ll most likely make a cash offer, saving you the trouble of mortgage lending.


Since the property is now fire-damaged, buyers are unwilling to invest.

You face a huge loss compared to renovating the house and then selling it.

Even though developers and real estate agents are interested in houses such as these, they bring the price down by a lot by negotiating. This is why it is vital to make sure you’re getting a fair deal, even for fire-damaged houses, so that you don’t face a loss.

Looking to Sell Your Fire-Damaged House?

If you find yourself amid this unforeseen situation, know you’re not alone. We help people like you who lose a significant chunk of their property to fire damage. These fire damages are unfortunate circumstances, but powering through this is of utmost importance. 

Hence, Top Cash Offer In USA offers services that accommodate you and your needs. We buy fire-damages houses directly, so there is no mediator involved. You won’t even have to worry about commission due to that. 

Our offers are obligation-free, so you have complete control over what you want to do. There is also no need for repairs; we buy your house as-is.