The what's and what if's of Selling Half Your House

Selling your house can be difficult on its own. But have you wondered ‘How can I sell half my house?”. To answer your question, yes you can but If you’re looking only to sell half of your home, there can be more problems and many things to consider. Selling only to come off the mortgage and reside on the title deeds is not an option. 

Let’s first understand what selling half your house means and what options you have.

What Does Co-Ownership of a Property Mean?

Having multiple owners for a single property refers to co-owning a place. There are several types of co-owning ways, including joint ownership, common tenancy, and tenancy by the entirety. 

The most common form is joint ownership, which we’ll refer to here in this article. Joint ownership refers to equal ownership rights for multiple property owners. However, to qualify for joint ownership, all the owners have to comply with four qualities:

The what's and what if's of Selling Half Your House
  • The time for the interest in the property should be the same for all the owners. 
  • Title should be the same for all the owners. 
  • All tenants should possess an equal interest in the property. 
  • Possession rights should be the same for every owner.

Alternatives while Selling Half Your House

The real estate market is rapidly changing, which is why you have many options when selling half your house. For example, if you’re selling your home to a family member, one option you have is a “Transfer of Equity.” 

For this purpose, you have to approach your mortgage lender or find a new lender for a remortgage if your lender disagrees. Moreover, the lender will take the new owner’s financial situation and determine the loan’s affordability. 

You might also want to seek legal advice and see whether you should get the owner as “tenants in common.” 

Another option is to sell the property to your family member while retaining a legal interest in the house. However, some lenders may demand immediate repayment due to the risks involved in co-owning a house. This immediate payment is called a “due on sale clause.” 

Although, if you have no mortgage on the house, you can quickly sell half your home to someone. The new owner will have equal rights to the property.

Is Selling Half Your House Hard?

This notion of selling half your property is often undesirable. Therefore, several rules circulate this demand. 

The co-owners have to sign agreements that state that all the owners have the right of first refusal if another owner wants to sell a property. Therefore, co-owning a house removes your liberty if not everyone is on the same page after you co-own the home.

Is Selling Half Your House Hard

The third party’s terms and conditions must satisfy all the owners if you wish to sell the property.

Can I Sell Half My House for Lower Than the Real Estate Value?

Yes, you can, but selling your house for half its value does not relieve you of any property liens. In that case, you’ll have to pay off all the lien funds unless the lien holder agrees to the less amount you owe. 

Usually, selling your house for half its price is not the right thing to do. A recession can cause the real estate market to fall. Even in that case, your best option is to look for a cash buyer since they are often investors looking for a good deal even if the market is down.

How to Sell Your Half of a House for Cash

Cash buyers are primarily investors who are a great option for you if you wish to sell half your property. However, selling half your house for cash would have almost the same problems when you sell it to a family member or another buyer.

Ending Note

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