List of 10 Fun Things to Do in Richmond County, GA

Richmond County is filled with exciting places and a great history. It is known for producing great yields for agricultural goods, including cotton, fruits, corn, vegetables, soybeans, and tobacco. The County has a rich heritage and is an excellent place to find adventure and let out your inner child.

Moreover, Richmond County also produces manufactured goods such as textiles, wooden furniture, plastic products, poultry, and steel productions. The County has many attractive places to go out and have fun. Here we’ll talk in detail about the places you can visit if you plan on moving to this tremendous place. So without further ado, let’s explore the fun places in Richmond County and talk about them.

Augusta Canal Heritage

Richmond County has a national heritage area, which is a place designated by the U.S. Congress. The canal heritage represents a vital element of American History. It was built in 1845 to preserve the water and power of the Savannah River.
List of 10 Fun Things to Do in Richmond County, GA
Augusta canal is responsible for bringing manufacturing to the area long before the Civil War. It is also the oldest hydropower still in operation in the States. You can enjoy guided tours along the canal. The canals are a popular recreational area that offers a stunning experience for you to reminisce about for a lifetime.

Hilltop Riding Stable

This place is another attractive feature of Richmond County. It’s a fun place to drive out of your home in Richmond County and explore the wilderness. The horses here are highly trained and well cared for. The facilities are top-notch for everyone.

Hilltop Riding Stable

There is plenty of equipment for an entire family. You can schedule your visit beforehand and enjoy a horse ride in nature. The prices are reasonable for the services they offer. It offers an excellent escape from city life while exploring the thick wilderness.

Augusta Market

Augusta Market is an all-in-one spot where you can shop for just about everything. The market is an excellent excuse to get out of your home and have fun with friends and family. You enjoy the street tacos and other eateries. Be sure to also try the delicious fruit there.

Augusta Market

River Watch Brewery

River Watch brewery is yet another place in Richmond County to explore and relax with friends. It is a stunning place for visiting and tastings. It is a great attraction in the County and serves as an excellent pastime for people looking to explore Richmond County.

River Watch Brewery

Putt-Putt Fun Center

Putt-Putt fun center is a fun place for kids and offers great amusement. It has bumper car rides, arcade games, and much more. You can come here with your whole family and enjoy the place under a reasonable budget. The bumper boats are the highlight of the entire arcade.


Defy is another amusing place in Augusta, Richmond County. It has great deals for young kids and is a great place to throw birthday parties for your kids. The place is crowded with families, especially on the weekend. Its popularity hence speaks for itself.

Club Velvet

Richmond County has a lot of fun places. One of them is the Club Velvet, an excellent spot for music lovers that offers amazing drinks. The club has a great atmosphere and is great for adults to hang around and unwind with decent music and a great environment.

Fort Gordon Aquatics

If you belong to a military family or know someone from the military, this is a great place to hang out. The summer days spent here are unmatched. The facilities at Fort Gordon are top-notch. They have a large pool with other activities like basketball.

Moreover, the pool is amazing if you want to go out for a swim. The place also has a baby pool, making it a great place for families to hang out and enjoy every minute.

Billie’s Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden is a small beautiful garden located on the north side of Augusta, Richmond County. It’s a beautiful place filled with butterflies. The garden is small but filled with greenery. It’s a nice spot to visit with your family when you step out of your house in Richmond County.

Augusta Museum of History

The museum in Augusta is packed with heritage and is a great place to visit to discover new things about Richmond County. The museum also has an exhibition that features the growth of the international sport in the County. The exhibition offers tours to its visitors.

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